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Golden Africa: Animating Africa’s Rich Histories.
“Whenever technology enables us to recast magnificent episodes in the history of our people, we ought to grasp the opportunity; of putting life into the lush many pages of written works and tongues of oral traditions in which scintillating, thought-provoking stories and inspiring characters are buried. History is wealth. That of Africa is striking. What can we do with it? D: Channel’s Golden Africa is what we have decided to do with Africa’s diverse history 


We are currently working on the first of our historical animation series that tells the story of the great and legendary Ashanti kingdom. Our objective is to lift African history from the damp pages and fading oral traditions where they face a threat of extinction, to the frontiers of digital visual technology. This way we hope to salvage our histories and plant them in the markets where today’s generation will find exciting to learn about and share for years to come.”  

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